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    The second East African Regional workshop on Disability is taking in Kigali Rwanda

    The second workshop is taking place at Novotel Umubano 9-11 August 2016. The workshop was opened by Alvera Mukabaramba, the Minister of State in charge of Community Development and Social Affairs (MINALOC) who said that the workshop is an opportunity to share the experiences and achievements of each National Council following the first workshop in March 2016 in Kigali. The workshop was organized by NCPD in collaboration with JICA.  The JICA representative from Rwanda Mr HIROYUKI Takada said that JICA was helping to develop Rwandans across many sectors including Persons with Disabilities and is also starting to extend activities from Rwanda into the East African Community.

    Each National Council presents their achievements after the first workshop

    Since March 2016, several advocacy meetings were conducted to explain the rationale for positive discrimination in employment in favour of Persons with Disabilities.

    NCPD Rwanda is compiling a list of all assistive devices and will submit the final list to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for waving of tax (Tax exemption). This will help many business people to import more assistive devices and create more jobs. Tanzania has more focused laws protecting Persons with Disabilities. Affirmative action is a constitutional matter in Uganda and arising from that a number of government entities have recruited skilled PwDs.  According to the constitution’s national objective, PwDs are supposed to be represented in all parastatal organizations. In Burundi they are finishing the development of a law that covers the rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Bill is now on the table of the government and mentions that the NCPD will be covered by the law once it is finished. It will be supported by the partners and these two bills will be officially presented to the Minister in charge of Persons with Disability.




    • The Representatives of the National Councils of Persons with Disability in the East African community agreed on the  following  joint statements on disability to the EAC Head of States:
    • Disability should be made part of planning, implementation and monitoring of national and regional strategies in line with Sustainable Development Goals with clear and feasible numerical targets and indicators.
    • The disability sector through the National Council for Persons with Disabilities should be represented at SDGs implementation focal points at national and regional level
    • National Council of Persons with Disabilities should be established and strengthened as lead government agents in all partner states with structures that are harmonized in order to represent their voice into national and regional development in an effective manner,
    • Each government shall strengthen the function of their National Council for Persons with Disabilities with adequate funding as a major actor for promoting the rights of Persons with Disabilities,
    • Each government shall recognize the importance of regional cooperation on disability and take responsibility for  it,
    • Replica Council of Persons with Disabilities is established at East African Community level to work with the councils at the partner state level.

    During the closing remarks every delegation committed to follow up and  to ensure the Kigali Joint Statement on Disability reaches the Head of State and disseminate the statements in stakeholder meetings, relevant media etc..


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