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    The President of NCPD saluted the effort of the Government of Rwanda to promote Persons with Disabilities, on 14th October 2016, during the celebration of   International White Cane Day which took place at Rubavu District. He said that NCPD put the efforts in categorization of Persons with Disabilities according to degree of their disabilities which will help in planning considering needs of Persons with Disabilities. Even if They  are effort some barriers still facing PWD’s like Schools of children with disabilities facing the challenges of insufficiency of materials and most of children live in poor condition so that They can’t go to school there is also Inaccessibility of infrastructure , The budget in  some Districts is insufficient.


    The Governor of Western Province Mr. MUNYENTWALI Alphonse said that there is a political will which give dignity to all Rwandans without any discrimination. He added that there are great achievements in promoting rights of Persons with Disabilities. As example, he said the establishment of National Council of Persons with Disabilities and he took this opportunity to request all elected representatives of NCPD at Different level to play their role in advocating for disability issues and find solutions to their challenges.

    The Governor of Western Province requested local leaders to exploit data from categorization of PWDs and use them in result oriented planning. He also called upon different stakeholders to join effort to raise awareness about disability issues in order to change mindset and observe rights of Persons with disabilities (inform drivers, motorists, teachers in driving schools about white cane).


    The event was marked by peaceful march from ADEPR Rubavu to “Centre Culturel Rubavu, exhibition of products/ achievements of RUB members, sketch presenting daily challenges encountered by Persons with visual impairment.

    About White Cane

    Although white canes are very useful in their daily life, she stressed that Persons with visual impairment are still facing some challenges to get them: They are not available on Rwandan market and most of users are not able to afford its cost (+/-30 USD). She suggested the following:


    • White cane must be available on Rwandan market;
    • They should be got using Health insurance (Mutuelle de santé);
    • White cane symbol should be included in subjects taught during driving lessons.


    The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is to be celebrated on 3rd December 2016 and every one was invited to be involved in the celebration.




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