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    25.10.2017 15:52 Age: 2 yrs
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    In collaboration with National Union Disability Organization in Rwanda and Voluntary Service Overseas are assessing how NCPD and NUDOR in local structure (Nyanza District) are working nowadays  in order improve how these institutions will work as one team  in order to improve the welfare of Persons with Disabilities in Rwanda . The assessors from NCPD and NUDOR meet with NCPD and NUDOR local representatives at District, Sector and Cell levels, local authorities at District, Sector and Cell levels, PWDs and their families. The main objective of the assessment is to collect everyone views and produce an action plan which shall improve the effectiveness of NCPD and NUDOR in the local structures. During the assessment, Persons with Disabilities in Nyamiyaga From23-27 October 2017, the National Council of Persons with Disabilities Sector, Nyanza District suggested t to be visited by NCPD and NUDOR at home in order to know challenges hindering persons with Disabilities and how they may overcome them and being informed the responsibilities of NUDOR and NCPD about Persons with Disabilities.

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