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    The International day of Persons with Disabilities at National level was celebrated on the 3rd December 2017 in all Districts. At national level, the celebration took place in Kayonza District, Eastern Province in the EAR Gahini Diocese. The theme for this year 2017 is “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all. The Honorable Minister of State Doctor Alvera Mukabaramba, for Community Development and Social Affairs in Ministry of Local Government was the guest of Honor and encouraged Parents of Children with Disabilities to seek early treatment wherever possible. Gahini Diocese has combined efforts to  enable transformation changes for Persons with Disability like, Gahini Hospital in delivering a wide range of rehabilitation services including orthopedic surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, fabrication of prosthesis and or orthesis among others, the inclusive School  (Groupe Scolaire Gahini)  and the new inclusive church all facilitate PwDs. The government of Rwanda   has done a lot in promoting the welfare of Persons with Disabilities like: Establishment of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities, The law protecting the rights of PwDs, the terminologies in favor of Persons with Disabilities and laws on removing barriers for PwD in public buildings. A lot is still pending for the promotion of the welfare of Persons with Disabilities and we hope all barriers will be removed in the future said President of NCPD NIYOMUGABO Romalis.  CBM, Gahini Diocese, and Liza HARDING were given awards for their activities in promoting of the welfare for Persons with Disabilities.  The disability week 2017 had many programmes in the  Radio and TV shows, a  press Conference, various artistic talents of Children  with Disabilities, international celebration against AIDS, where people are sensitized to get a test for HIV and if positive start and stay on treatment..  3rd December 2017 saw many celebrations with   musicians, drumming and dances.



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