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    The Disability Coordination Forum took place at Lemigo Hotel, 29 March, 2018.  The forum is the institution that works in promoting the welfare of Persons with Disabilities in Rwanda. In his opening remarks Executive Secretary Emmanuel NDAYISABA, NCPD thanked all participants and invited everyone to give advice on how to promote the welfare of PwD’s. The presentations focused on   the achievements of each institution in promoting the welfare of Persons with Disabilities including the celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2017, where the activities implemented were focused on the collaboration between stakeholders. Mr Emmanuel Murera in charge of Mainstreaming gave an overview of NCPD achievements in promotion of PwDs, including developing Rwandan sign language by hiring some professionals in sign language, developing orthopedic workshops for assistive devices in HVP Gagatagara, PwDs, mainstreamed in TVT’s, strengthening NCPD organs from cell to District level, training of Rwanda Correction Service and Prisoners with Disabilities, accessibility audit in public institutions etc.  Mr Emmanuel MURERA also said that NCPD will continue to support orthopedic workshops, the accessibility audit, provide financial support to cooperatives of PwDs, and organize Itorero for PwDs and NCPD will also continue working with District Disability Mainstreaming Officers.  

    Sarah Challoner, Senior Programme Manager & Social Inclusion  at VSO Rwanda said that VSO has supported the   training of Rwandan sign language, special schools for  Children with Disabilities, working with NCPD through Ikiraro Project on how PwDs are benefiting from VUP with evidence generation from 2017-2021. VSO will continue with the Building  of a  Learning Foundation educational programme P1-P3 in every primary school incl. the promotion of social inclusion and gender for PwDs. Esperence MUTETERI from Rhineland Palatinate said that they work with PwDs in Special Education and provide drugs for children with epilepsy in different centres, establish and develop sign language between parents and Children with Disabilities, assist small NGO’s, in construction of classrooms and bedrooms (TUBAKUNDE,IZERE MUBYEYI, ) and Rhineland Palatinate will start to refer to  the guidelines.

    Madamu Odette from Humanity and Inclusion (formerly Handicap International) said the institution has empowered the DMO’S on the rights of PwDs. The Ministry of ICT will demand the use of inclusive adaptive technology and equipment and plan to work closely with Rukara College of Education, Department of Inclusive Education.

    GIZ is working in the field of fighting against HIV and inclusion of PwDs in all sectors of life, GIZ celebrated IDPD on their premises by inviting all international NGO’s to  advocate for the rights of PwDs. GIZ also supported the IDPD 2017,  funding the TV and Radio Show at RBA. GIZ will continue to give technical and financial support to NCPD.

    The Brent & Cheri Andrus Charitable Trust provide support by giving wheelchairs to Children with physical Disabilities countrywide so that they can attend schools where necessary. They are planning to provide other support devices including prostheses, orthoses, and crutches to those who might not benefit from wheelchairs. Last year they delivered around 350 wheelchairs across Kigali city and this year plan to deliver around 420 wheelchairs in Eastern Province.

    In his closing remarks Mr OSWALD TUYIZERE, Director of Economic and Social Empowerment thanked all participants who participated in the Disability Coordination Forum hoping that all institutions will continue to work hand in hand with NCPD in the promotion of the welfare of Persons with Disabilities.




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