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    On 13thJune, every year is international Albinism awareness day in Rwanda. The celebration took place at Hilltop and was organized by OIPPA “The Organization for Integration and Promotion of Persons with Albinism. The celebration was launched by the march of the albinos  from National  Amahoro Stadium  to  Hilltop Hotel. The guest of honor was  Honourable Rusiha Gastone who saluted the effort of OIPPA for  fighting  for the rights of albinos like the extension of the activities in Rutsiro and Kayonza districts and the advocacy done  in Musanze District  schools  where the teachers  were sensitised on how to take care of children with albinism. The Honourable Rusiha talked also on the solution  of availing their appropriate products, he advised them to work with KIPHARMA to request SEBAMED to avail products marked as made especially for Persons with albinism because this will facilitate in the advocacy of the exemption for taxes and will decrease the  cost. Mrs Christine Mukazayire who represented NCPD said the celebration of International Albinism awareness Day is a good opportunity to raise awareness on the challenges that they face, as a specific group with special needs. She pledged that NCPD will continue to support all persons with Disabilities including albinos.

    The albinos meet with the challenges .

    Mr AKIMANIDUHAYE Dieudonné, the chairman of OIPPA said that the albinos meet with many challenges as a biological and social challenges. He said the  biological problems including congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Its  association with a number of vision defects and the lack of skin pigmentation makes for more susceptibility to sunburn and skin cancers, according to the  social challenges are like stigma and discrimination because Albinos people are not well receive in society and  it is difficult to get married  with other person with albinism. Mr AKIMANIDUHAYE Dieudonné took this opportunity to advocate for the following challenges and request the different institutions to avail the solutions like: the availability of appropriate cream/ products for their skin, vaccination of skin cancer; allow children with albinism to sit in the positions closer to the blackboard, the mind change of society concerning the capacity and ability of Albinos.


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