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    The Ministry of Local Government through National Council of Persons with Disabilities, National Union of Disability Organization of Rwanda, Pax Press in collaboration with Department for International  Development Rwanda (DFID)  and civil society are responsible for organizing  the Rwanda Disability summit. The main objective of the summit is to prepare the Global Disability summit which will be held in London 24th July 2018.  In his opening remarks the Honorable Minister of Local Government Mr Francis Kaboneka   thanked the organizers especially DFID  for   the good will for supporting the government of Rwanda  in promotion of welfare of Persons with Disabilities. Minister Kaboneka said that Rwanda has achieved a lot in responding to the needs of Persons with Disabilities in different areas such as: education, health, mainstreaming and justice. The Honorable Minister says that the summit is being held at the right time where Rwanda is celebrating 10 years for ratification of the United Nations Convention on the right of Persons with Disabilities. The Rwanda Constitution revised in 2015 emphasizing the rights of Persons with Disability, in the framework of promoting the rights of the PwDs.  Rwanda has established the National Council of Persons with Disabilities in 2011. In collaboration with different stakeholders in Rwanda, NCPD is committed to avoiding stigma and discrimination by removing barriers hindering Persons with Disabilities. PwDs mainstreaming is a crosscutting issue to empower them requiring the efforts of different actors, to plan the special programs aimed to improve the welfare of PwDs said Emmanuel NDAYISABA the Executive Secretary of NCPD. In the closing remarks, the Minister of State in MINALOC Alvera Mukabaramba thanked all participants for the good ideas shared, and encouraged Rwanda to show good practice in the global summit on disability. The 24th July 2018 Global Disability Summit  will emphasize how to tackle the challenges and opportunities met by PwDs in Rwanda  by referring to the SDGs 2018.


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