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    From 11-14 June 2018, the National Council of Persons with Disabilities is conducting the retreat for members of Disability Coordination Forum. Participants are coming from the following institutions: UPHLS, VSO, NUDOR (members) GIZ, HI, Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Education and Rwanda Housing Authority. The main objective of the retreat is to monitor the status of the implementations of the commitments signed by the Government of Rwanda in Global Summit, which took place in London June 2018.

    In this summit, Rwanda committed to eliminate stigma and discrimination, to ratify the African Union protocol refers to the African Charter, finalise the National policy on disability, to revise the National Disability law including aligning the definition of UNCRPD. For 2019/2020 Financial Year, NCPD will consult Ministry of finance for launching a national budget on disability in all sector of life and each institution shall budget every component for mainstreaming Persons with Disabilities in (Education, Justice, Health, Social Protection…). In order to raise awareness of the rights of Persons with Disabilities and promote the advocacy, Rwanda trains all NCPD committee elected from Cell to National level. In line of promoting the welfare of Persons with Disabilities, NCPD will promote sports and leisure for Persons with Disabilities.

    In sector of Education Rwanda implements the national policy on inclusive education and plan to train the District education Officers in Special and inclusive education .  

    For Economic and empowerment sector for Persons with Disability, Rwanda has committed to create 2000 jobs by 2020, also   Technical Vocational Education Training will be fully inclusive by 2020.

    For women and girls by 2020, Rwanda will ensure the Isange one Stop Centres are accessible to people with disabilities including the sight and hearing impaired. For the commitment of Conflict and Humanitarian contexts, Rwanda will review the refugees registration system to ensure that the disability assessment framework is aligned with definition of Disability provided in the UNCRPD and strength national disaster response protocols and procedures to ensure that   Persons with Disabilities are prioritised and receive support.

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